Heartbleed Bug Does NOT Affect Alt Media Studios Customers

Does the 'Heartbleed' bug affect Alt Media Studios customers?

April 21, 2014

Here at Alt Media Studios, we don't care too much for bugs.  Software bugs, bed bugs, bugs the CIA might have placed in our office - we don't approve of any of them.  So when we heard about the "Heartbleed" bug that has affected many major websites we wanted to check if any of our customers who host websites with us were affected.  We are pleased to report that none of our customers were affected by this security vulnerability.

Heartbleed is a security vulnerability in the web software that is meant to encrypt users' private data that they send and receive from your website.  If this bug were taken advantage of, a malicious user could essentially listen in as a legitimate user sends their password to your site to log in on what they think is a secure connection.  Once the malicious user knows the password, they could log in and perform any number of tasks while masquerading as the innocent user. Even though this scenario would be extremely rare, we wanted to make sure that there was no chance that this could happen to our customers.

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